The Blues Brothers etc.

Blues Brothers (1994)

The Blues Brother on the left is Daniel Jenny.
He is working for DHL in Basel.
During his free time he is engaged in the fire brigade of Binningen:

Abt. Don Martin

In the middle, of course, you see me, myself and I:

Andreas Aste (1996)

The blues brother on the right is Peter Schwegler. He loves his Dodge Dart. He also loves Toyota.

Peter's Dodge Dart

He also likes to draw and paint pictures, and I think he is quite talented.
In fact, the famous picture "Mona Lisa" is his most renowned masterpiece:

Abt. Don Martin

That's Peter above the bells of the Allerheiligen church (20 years ago):

Peter (1993)

Peter and I are members of G.E.O.R.G.
Another member of G.E.O.R.G. is Sheik Oechslin. He is, by the way, the brother of my beloved wife.

Rolli (1993)

After being a physicist for some years, he is working now somehow.
In front of him you can see an agent of an unknown secret service.

The fourth member of G.E.O.R.G. is Pascal.
He was so proud that he caught the fish
with his self-made harpoon, that I decided to show a picture
of the fish and not Pascal himself
(the fish finally passed through Pascal's stomach, of course):

Huwy (1992)

In the meantime, Pascal became a naturopath.

All these guys above were members of the Jungwacht Allerheiligen
(a scout-like organization), like Denis:

Denis (1994)

Martin was not an actual member of the Jungwacht,
but he certainly is one of our friends:

Chief (1994)

Like Bruno, Michi, Freyli, Chrigi, Grueti etc... MC Battle Cry:

Baby Cry (2003)

During my time at the Zürich University,
I stayed with Laila and Dominique in Männedorf.
They married five years ago:

Dominique und Laila (2000)

On the picture you can see again Daniel and Denis on the left,
and me on the outer right.

I should also mention some friends who studied with me at the University of Basel:
Stephan and Marcus (in Moscow).

Stephan (1991) Stephan und Marcus (1991)

The following picture shows Marc-Olivier "Marco" Häberling.
No comments please.

The dude

What will the future bring ? Nobody knows.

Action (2003)

Anyway, the show must go on...

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