Some Swiss (-German) Ancestors

Walter Burkhard, around 1940

My grandfather, Walter Burkhard (August 19, 1898 - February 19, 1968),
in his office during World War II as wing commander of the Swiss Army Cavalry.
He was a citizen of Sumiswald, Canton of Berne, and became a citizen of Zürich, Canton of Zürich,
on May 9, 1908. In his later days.

Resumee of his life - Obituaries: From the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ, Thursday, February 22, 1968),
from a friend and the Zürich rifle club.

He was married to Erika Anna Burkhard-Ulrich (January 14, 1908 - January 10, 1941, left picture below).
On the right you see his mother, Olga Karolina Burkhard-Wild (January 12, 1877 - December 23, 1959).
Walter had a sister, Gertrud (April 1, 1901 - September 18, 1972).
Gertrud and Walter in October 1903.

Erika Anna Burkhard      Olga Karolina Wild

My mother and her father in 1939.

My mother at the Sächsilüte: The burning of the Böögg.

Gottlieb Burkhard (April 15, 1868 - 1939) and his wife Olga Karolina, holding my mother Erika (1937):

Gottlieb Burkhard

Gottlieb and Olga Karolina married in 1897.

A nice picture of Gottlieb together with his family: With his wife Olga Karolina,
their daughter Gertrud (Tante Trudi) and Walter (around 1907).

I have rather detailed information about the Burkhard family from Sumiswald,
but never found the time to enlist all the detailed data.
Different family crest were used by the Burkhards from Sumiswald, another one given here.
I display only my direct "Burkhard-Sumiswald line" here.

The parents of Gottlieb were:

Samuel B. (October 9, 1826 - November 18, 1889) -- Marie Anne Maurer (February 13, 1831 - February 6, 1897),
they married on November 28, 1851.
Samuel was born in Sumiswald, Canton of Berne, and died in Schmiedrued,
Canton of Aargau, where Gottlieb was born.
The same is true for Samuel's father Samuel listed below,
whereas all earlier forefathers were born in Sumiswald.
Samuel B. (February 14, 1779 - October 22, 1860) -- Verena Hoffmann (1784 - March 10, 1852), m. March 14, 1806
Alexander B. (August 12, 1736 - ?) -- Maria Herzig from Thunstetten, m. July 4, 1765
Mathys B. (December 6, 1711 - November 8, 1745) -- Kathrin Röthlisberger (b. 1713)
Alexander B. (October 29, 1676 - ?) -- Anna Weimann, m. October 20, 1698
Alexander B. (April 21, 1650 - ?) -- Kathrin Aeschbacher (b. 1653, m. July 7, 1675)
Matheus B. (July 11, 1624 - ?) -- Verena Schnyder, m. October 25, 1649
Alexander (April 9, 1592 - ?) -- Barbli Kramer (b. 1594)
Michel B. (1571 - ?) -- Barbli Klöw (b. 1594)
Peter B. (1547 - ?) -- Kathrin Gröub (b. 1548)
Mr. and Mrs. Burkhard (born 1520 and 1522, first names unknown).

The name Burkhard derives from Knight Burkhard von Sumiswald,
who received the Castle of Trachselwald (Burg Trachselwald) after the war of the City of Berne
against the Count of Habsburg-Kyburg (--> Burgdorferkrieg; Graf von Neu-Kyburg) as a tenure in 1383.
When he had to pay back a lien of 800 Gulden to Austria in 1394, he ran into financial problems
and had to sell the castle to the Deutschritterorden in 1398. Still, he was allowed to stay in the castle.
In 1408, he bought the castle back and sold it directly to the City of Berne for 8000 Gulden...

The parents of my grandmother Erika Anna were
Pius Paul Ulrich (March 23, 1878- ?) and
Anna Elise Ulrich-Egli (April 5, 1879 - ?), who married on April 4, 1907.
A nice picture of the whole family, including the brother Paul (August 11, 1909 - Sept. 5, 1978) of Erika Anna.

The parents of Pius Paul Ulrich were Johannes Ulrich (February 25, 1839 - February 2, 1879), who was mayor of Selbach, Baden, Germany, and Theresa Ulrich-Striebig (December 27, 1843 - September 8, 1891), also from Selbach.

The parents of Anna Elise Ulrich were Heinrich Egli (October 27, 1844 - ?) from Egg, Switzerland, and Anna Egli-Metzger (November 16, 1845 - ?) from Eschenz, Thurgau, Switzerland.

Therese Metzger
from Eschenz provided me with the following additional information:

The parents of Anna Egli-Metzger were Hans Ulrich Metzger (August 5, 1810 - March 12, 1872) and Anna Barbara Metzger, both from Eschenz, who married on February 16, 1837.

The parents of Hans Ulrich Metzger were Heinrich Metzger (September 21, 1788 - April 8, 1836) from Eschenz, and Barbara Isler (1777 - March 5, 1835) from Kaltenbach, Thurgau, who married on February 20, 1810.

The parents of Heinrich Metzger were Hans Ulrich Metzger (deceased before 1812) and Barbara Roth, both were living in Eschenz.

In 1582, all people in the region of Eschenz were listed by the parochial authorities according to the fact whether they admitted the old (catholic) or new (protestant) belief (Altgläubig/Neugläubig). The only protestants in the region with family name "Me(t)zger" were Benedict Mezger in Bornhausen und Cuonrad Mezger. The church register mentions that both were not at home during the enquiry, and they never responded to the enquiry. Other sources confirm that they were protestants.

On December 27, 2003, I received an e-mail where Sigrid Erwin from Tampa, Florida, informed me that she had a grand-grandfather Pius Ulrich from Selbach in Germany. Furthermore, she sent me a family tree with additional data concerning the Ulrichs. After checking all available informations it became clear that Pius had a daughter, Hilde Margarete Huse, before he left Germany and came to Switzerland. The Family Tree sent by Sigrid Erwin.
Nicer version (in preparation) from Sigrid Erwin.

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