On the Cyclotron at the Swiss Institute for Nuclear Research
(Schweizerisches Institut für Nuklearphysik, 1968)

The construction of a cyclotron was proposed in 1966 to the president of the research council of the Swiss National Science Foundation, Prof. Dr. A von Muralt, as a joint project of the Swiss Universities of Basel, Zürich, Freiburg, Lausanne, and Neuenburg.

Some of the supporters of the petition were :
Profs. Kurt Alder (Basel), Eugen Baumgartner (Basel), E. Brun (Zürich), Ch. Haenny (Lausanne), D. Huber (Fribourg), V. Meyer (Zürich), J. Rossel (Neuchatel), H.R. Striebel (Basel), R. Wagner (Basel), C. Zangger (Neuchatel), and Hermann Grunder (Basel), who became Director of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in 1985.

First, it was unclear whether the cyclotron should be located in Zürich or in Basel. It was finally built in Villigen at the Swiss Institute for Nuclear Research, which was founded in 1968, and became the Paul Scherrer Institute in 1988 after the merger of the institute with the Swiss Federal Institute for Reactor Research (Eidgenoessisches Institut für Reaktorforschung, EIR).

The final PSI 590 MeV Ring Cyclotron (protons, 590 MeV, current < 2mA, power 1.2e6 W, first beam 1974), constructed between 1968 and 1974, was designed H.A. Willax with the SIN-team.

Below some pictures of the 88 inch Berkeley sector focused cyclotron (completed in 1961) are shown. The pictures were taken in the course of the preparatory work for the SIN cyclotron - they were rediscovered in a wall cupboard at the Institute of Physics in Basel.



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