Ancient Buildings in Basel, Switzerland

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August 1, 2003

Probably the nicest ancient city gate of Basel: The "Spalentor".
Another city gate is the St. Johanns-Tor, which is located near the institute of physics.

St. Johann

The "Mittlere Brücke" connects the two parts of Basel. Bishop Heinrich von Thun initiated the construction of the first bridge, which was finished in 1226. The old bridge had to be replaced due to the undercutting of its pylons; the new brigde, show on the picture, was finished in 1905.

Mittlere Bruecke

The old bridge (1890):

Alte Mittlere Bruecke

When you stroll around in Basel, you can see statues of a mythical creature, the "Basilisk", at many places.


Basel has been destroyed completely in 917 by the Hungarians. Emperor Heinrich II. initiated the reconstruction of the Basel Cathedral, the "Basler Münster" around 1000. It was partially destroyed by the big earthquake in 1356, and rebuilt afterwards. (Better pictures will follow)

Basler Muenster

Basler Muenster

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