The Burkhardt Brass Band

Samuel Burkhardt

(... born on March 3, 1805 in Schmiedrued, Aargau, Switzerland,
deceased on December 16, 1892 in Reeds Landing, Minnesota; married since March 16, 1827
to Anna Burgherr, who was born on March 18, 1804 in Schiltwald, Aargau, Switzerland,
and died on April 9, 1891 in Wabasha, Minnesota ...)

was a grandson of my great great great great grandfather Samuel Burkhard born in 1736
in Sumiswald, Berne, Switzerland.

In 1855, he emigrated with his family to the US, where he founded the famous Burkhardt Brass Band:

Burkhardt Brass Band, Reeds Landing, 1876


The Brick school in the background was built in 1870,
the white church was built during the years 1868 and 1869.

The persons on the photo are, from left to right:

1. Rudy Burkhardt, born 1858 in Illinois, son of Henry and Elizabeth Burkhardt, grandson of Samuel and Anna.

2., 3., 4. The Brunner brothers, born in Switzerland:
  Rudolf, born in 1841; Otto, born 1842; Adolph, born 1843 (correct identity of each one not certain).

5. Godfried Burkhardt, born 1847 in Switzerland, son of Samuel and Anna.

6. Rudy Burkhardt, born 1842 in Switzerland, son of Samuel and Anna.

7. Henry Burkhardt, born 1836 in Switzerland, son of Samuel and Anna.

8. Gottlieb Burkhardt, born 1845 in Switzerland, son of Samuel and Anna.

9. Louis Henneman, born 1840 in Prussia.

10. Samuel Burkhardt, born 1805 in Switzerland.

The Brunners may have been first cousins of the Burkhardts.
They appear on the 1850 census for Schmiedrued.

Irvin Burkhardt, the last band leader, died recently. Click on the thumbs for larger pictures.

                  Irvin Burkhardt            Irvin Burkhardt

I received the photo from Maryanne and Daniel Norton from Duluth, Minnesota.
Daniel Norton is also a descendant of Samuel Burkhardt, and Maryanne received the photo from William Boldt,
who descended from Marie Burkhard-Sommerhalder. William Bolt lived in Florida and probably has died in the meantime.