My very early ancestors

Corsica, Dolmengrab (2000)

Some information about possible early ancestors was found coincidentally by a group
of archaeologists during an excursion in 1991, where the main focus was on the hitherto
unexplored barrow in Corsica shown above.

Engraved in the underside of the top flagstone of the barrow, the following picture
(depicting probably the burried person) was discovered:

von Peter, nach 2 Bier

A member of the achaeologists group created then the following clear picture of the engraving:


Notice that the first part of the name, Aste, is singled out in the full name, Aste-rix.
It appears that already at the time when the barrow has been erected,
people tended to use diminutives. Astonishingly, the name of the early Aste
is written in a very modern style. Scientific medical invistigation (CSI Miami) of the
remains of the burried person that were found in the course of the excavations
seems to indicate that the person died due to overconsumption of
some unknown drug ("potion magique").

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